quinta-feira, abril 22, 2004

Michael Ledeen no NRO tem uma interessante explicação de porque dessa vez a Al Jazeera não quis mostrar as imagens do refém italiano sendo executado (cheguei aqui através do BOWT, que infelizmente começará a cobrar pelo conteudo em breve):

The terrorists present the world with an endless supply of lies, which generally take the form of accusing us of what they do. Many of their actions are staged precisely for the benefit of reporters (like the horror scene of the four dead American contractors a couple of weeks ago). They brought in the television cameras the other day to film the execution of an Italian hostage, Fabrizio Quattrocchi, but something went wrong. After forcing him to dig his own grave, they put a hood over his head and ordered him to kneel so he could be killed. He wouldn't go for it. He tried to remove the hood, and defiantly yelled at them "I will show you how an Italian dies." The scene was a propaganda disaster for them, and good old al Jazeera announced that they had the tape but wouldn't release it because it was too terrible to witness. It was terrible, but not in the way al Jazeera wanted us to think. It showed Western bravery, not Arab domination! , so they couldn't show it.

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