quinta-feira, março 27, 2003

James Taranto unindo o útil ao agradável: lembra que dificilmente uma intervenção militar atinge seu objetivo em tão pouco tempo, como querem os que acham que a guerra já levou tempo demais, e aproveita para fazer piada com os franceses...

As The Weekly Standard's Jonathan Last points out, in the history of military routs, hardly any have taken less than eight days. The 1983 liberation of tiny Grenada, for example, took 10 days:

Still not convinced? Consider the greatest military collapse of modern times, the infamous French fold at the start of World War II. Germany invaded France on May 10, 1940, didn't get to Paris until June 14, and didn't get a French surrender until June 22.

Even the French--the French!--were able to hold out for 44 days. If Saddam prolongs the fighting for another 5 weeks, all he will be doing is rising to the level of military competence set by France.

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